Available in many colours with Blue, Green & Red being standard. However any colour of
choice can be delivered for a minimum quantity of 5000 sq. ft

Features & Specifications

Made from UV stabilised HDPP, Versa Tile surfaces are composed of 13.1 x 13.1 inch tiles (333mm x 333mm). The height of each tile is 3/4 inch (19mm).

The special design of the interlocking plugs ensures that the surface does not distort with variations in temperature.

The Legs of the Versatile are of uneven height, thus providing vertical cushioning.

VersaTile surfaces are completely porous so no water can remain on them. They are totally non-slip even during the rain

The tiles are extremely simple to put together, requiring very little skill and almost no tools except perhaps a screw driver. 4 People can lay about 10000 sq.ft. a day. Whats more, the tiles can be disassembled just as easily and shifted to a new location if required.

Technical Specifications

Tile Size 333x333x19 mm
Top Wear Surface 0.076 In
Weight 310 gms
Material PP Copolymer
Locking System Snap Latch
Number of Locks 10 male/10female per tile
Top Support Posts Isometric ribs
Anti-Microbacterial Yes
UV Stabilized Yes
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Flame Class UL94HB Pass
Flame Spread Index 70 (Class B/II)
CLTE 6 x 10 -5 In/in °F
Rockwell Hardness D785A 82
Low Temperature Brittleness -30 -34.4 Deg. F Deg. C
E-Modulus D638 125,000 Psi
Flex-Modulus D980B 120,000 Psi
Tensile Strength at Yield D638 3,100 Psi
Elongation at Yield D638 10 %
Notched IZOD D256A No Break Ft.Lbs/In
Deflection Temp D648 190 Deg. F
Vicat Softening Point 324 Deg. F
Warranty 3 year limited
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